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Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
, roscoe bartlett, the exit interview. he tells us his greatest achievement in washington, his biggest regret, and what he plans to do next. that is tonight at 11:00. kate >> the forecast is not bad when the sun is out. >> it was a sunny day. we will do it tomorrow, sunshine and 53. we will watch a storm on the coast. it looks like it will stay away from us with just cloudy skies on tuesday. a big travel day on wednesday ahead of the holiday. we will check on the weather across the nation. it looks quiet. a nice looking thanksgiving day, sunday and 57 degrees. >> that is nice weather. i like it. >> keep it going. >> thank you for joining us. >> nightly news is next. we will see you back here at 11:00.
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
. washington lawmakers closing ranks. >> sending in ground troops is the only way they can clean out these nests of rockets being fired at them. you cannot blame them. >> nobody wants a ground war but israel has determined what they have to do to preserve their security. >> both sides are trying to come back from the brink and u.s. leaders are debating how prominent the american role shall be. >> trying to find someone even as high ranking as former president bill clinton and to go and be a negotiator. >> trying to sell a ceasefire as a winner for the palestinian cause. >> company officials say they are continuing the search for a worker who disappeared after an oil platform caught fire friday in the gulf of mexico. a higher divers to speed up the search and bring closure for the worker's family. the cold of their own research after a body believed to be of erisa a worker was found. -- be of the other worker was found. this is in addition to the 200 homes that have already been partially or completely burned down or otherwise damaged. they are inspecting nearly 500 other damaged stru
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
affair has sent shock waves through washington. the ripple effect is being felt on capitol hill, where they are getting ready to hold hearings on the deadly attack on the american consulate in libya. david petraeus conducted his own investigation. top lawmakers say they want to know what petraeus knows. >> if the general does testify, it will be as a civilian. as president obama saluted veterans at arlington national cemetery -- >> thank you. to honor you. >> washington was consumed with the fall of one of the nation's most celebrated military heroes -- cia director and former general david petraeus step down over an extramarital affair. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> personal e-mails at between petraeus and his biographer it came to light after anonymous e- mails were sent to another woman who worked for the state department. >> mrs. broadwell sent a threatening e-mails to her. she went to the fbi. oh, i can't believe it. but that's what it is. >> in the general is not under investigation but his departure leaves a void just as congress is beginning hearings into the september at
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
washington state. >> if a marriage happed here, schools could teach boys can merry boys. >> . question six has nothing to do with maryland public school curriculum. question six recognizes same-sex marriages and hypertext clergy from having to perform ceremonies in violation of their religious beliefs and firms in each religion has exclusive control over it on the eligible doctrine. >> if this redefines marriages, local schools taught it in second grade. parents had no right to take their students at a class or be informed when the instruction was going to take place. >> claim is misleading. they are referring to a case where a second grade teacher read the class a book in which to princess married. but his son was in kindergarten at that time. he brought home a book called who is in the family. it was not required reading. the parkers filed a lawsuit, but it did not challenge the use of the books. they wanted the school to provide prior notice so there's some could opt out of class. the case was dismissed. court records indicate the notification statute requires public schools to noti
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
project economy. an announcement today shocked washington. the director of the cia, david petraeus, has resigned. the former four star general asked president obama to allow him to step down, admitting that he had an extramarital affair. petraeus took over as director in september of last year after serving as the top u.s. commander in iraq and afghanistan. be sure to stick around for nightly news with brian williams for more on the resignation. begins right after the news at 6:00. >> for the past couple of years, megastore as in maryland have cost consumers more than -- storms in maryland have cost consumers more than $600 million. the panel came up with a number of recommendations designed to reduce the frequency of power outages. the report is now in the hands of the public utilities service commission. david has details. >> hot the report recommends tying approval of rate increases to a record of resiliency. maggeden cost consumers $300 million. hurricane irene cost consumers $312 million. horatio cost consumers $320 million. the impact includes replacing perishable food, restaurant
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
have another matter to look at, connecticut, new york, new hampshire, vermont, and washington, d.c have legalize same-sex marriage either by legislation or a court order, never at the polls. i spoke with campaign leaders within the last half hour and they say they feel confident. they are not paying attention to the post-election polling numbers. pastor derrek mccoy from maryland marriage alliance was out stumping for last-minute votes late this afternoon as well. no one is taking this for granted. they know it will be a very tight race. at least here, they are getting ready for a party. they are feeling very enthusiastic and confident, but they know it will likely come right down to the wire. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. other issues include qualifications for prince portis county court justice. it would require them to be a member in good standing of the maryland bar. question to is the same but it applies to baltimore county court justice review court judges. question for is a controversial dream act. it would allow undocumented students to receive in-state tuition rates. no. 5 es
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
those hot button issues. >> tracey mitchell is an washington with the race to the white house. >> this race is so close, analysts are predicting a cliffhanger. it is the finale. >> accomplishing real change is not just something i talk about. it is something i have done and that something i will do as president of the united states. >> we know what change looks like. >> in a race still close to call, what matters most in these final hours is getting folks to the polls, especially in those key battleground states. >> if you want to see where the real battleground states are, look at where they are spending their last 24 hours. these are the state's their polls show are still in contention. >> cover mitt romney makes five stops in four states. >> if you are willing to work with me and knocked on some doors and make some phone calls, we will win wisconsin. >> the president is on the beat. three stops, three states -- wisconsin, ohio and iowa. polls give the president a razor-thin lead and that is not enough to claim victory. both men have fanned out their campaigns across the cou
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
officials about it today. our 11 news bureau chief from washington's sally kidd has the latest. >> two key questions in this case, centered around the fbi's handling of the investigation and whether any national security was ever at risk. it is his first public comment on the petraeus sex scandal. >> i had no evidence. from what i had seen, that classified information was disclosed that would in any way have a negative impact on our national security. >> president obama says he is withholding judgment on whether he should have been notified sooner about the petraeus investigation. >> we do not have all of the information yet. >> they were looking at the time line in a closed door meetings, with the directors. >> no comment. >> dianne feinstein says betrays had agreed to testify before congress about the attack on the consulate in benghazi. >> his own personal behavior. nonetheless, i think he could be a very constructive witness. >> meantime, in his mistress has been staying at a relative's home in dca >> do you agree that this story is getting weirder by the the? >> and the pentagon conti
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
sudden fall of cia chief david petraeus has washington asking how and why. and the woman suddenly in the spotlight, is not saying. back in january, she was promoting her book on the general. >> he loves the agency. i think it is a great place for him. >> she is an army reserve officer in that close access to the cia director. federal agents are investigating whether she had access to this e-mails or computer. >> mike understanding is that the fbi's investigation was not necessarily focused on him. they came by the permissible accident. >> law enforcement and multiple sources tell nbc news that males between him paula were indicative of an extramarital affair. she was unable to be reached for comment. in his resignation letter, the retired general revealed he showed extremely judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. law-enforcement tells us that general petraeus is not under investigation. they did not expect an inquiry will result in the criminal charges. he was the man who turned around the boards in iraq again -- and afghanistan. >> he is a bigger people respected. >> it
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
. sally kidd is in washington with the latest. >> the pentagon is looking at two years' worth of messages exchanged between what general john allen and jill kelley, a petraeus friend and married mother of three. defense secretary leon panetta says they are looking at 2000 pages of the documents and exchanges between john allen and jill kelley, a former liaison at u.s. central command. it described the tone of some of the emails as flirtatious. >> might you right now is, let's see what the investigation turns upper and what the congress and the committees are able to determine as to what exactly took place. when >> kelley's brother said she has done nothing wrong. what she is very dedicated says something like this is just a fluke. what she had complained to the fbi several months ago about receiving threatening emails from paula broadwell, a biographer of david petraeus. petraeus resign dollar friday and. >> this was a personal indiscretion, as far as we know. why someone would be personally indiscrete is their own problem. whether they would do that in an e-mail is beyond my ima
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
their final appeals in the states that will make the difference. we have the story from washington. >> just two war days. >> two days before voters go to the polls. governor mitt romney and president obama were fighting for votes in the battleground states. >> fla., in two days, you have a choice to make. >> the final abc news poll before the election shows the candidates are in a dead heat. president obama with a 48-47% lead. his handling of hurricane sandy has boosted his approval numbers. in the important cause of state of ohio, governor romney is 6 points down. that is forcing him to look to other states like iowa that could prove critical on his electoral map. >> we can do better. a stronger america is ahead. >> of the day after he stumped in new hampshire -- >> the president was there with former president bill clinton. it is a race so tight even 4 electoral votes could be the margin of victory. president obama has an eight- point lead with 1 in. governor romney has a seven- point lead with men. >> groups are hoping vote yes to several questions. they're making a final push b
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11